AudioQuest Introduces a More Affordable Line of Power Conditioners.

February 1, 2019 AudioQuest has introduced PowerQuest a new line up of more affordable power conditioners with surge protection. 

2 models now available are PowerQuest 2 and PowerQuest 3. AudioQuest states they are making "high-performance more attainable than ever before".

Designed by AC power expert Garth Powell, the same mind behind AudioQuest’s multi-award-winning Niagara Series of power products, the new PowerQuest 2 and PowerQuest 3 are based on the same competence, insights, and design ingredients that make all Garth’s products so effective.

The PQ2 $249.95 has 6 AC outlets while the PQ3 $399.95 has 8.

Both units have slim profiles designed to fit tight spaces and can be oriented either vertically or horizontally in cabinets or racks, or even hung on walls. Further, both units feature a directionally optimized concentric-geometry power cord. Sending truly clean power to audio/video systems has never been as simple, convenient, or affordable. 

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It will be interesting seeing how this stacks up against a PS Audio Dectet, which I’m quite happy with. I can use any power cable I want with it, whereas the AudioQuest cannot.

Alex Knight February 01, 2019

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