All New Bluesound Gen 2i Hi-Res Music Streaming System

Bluesound has upgraded their already fantastic Hi-Res music streaming products.  

Meet Bluesound Gen 2i several improvements have been incorporated and we have summarized them below.

Gen 2i Technology Updates:

Improved Network connectivity: 

Bluesound upgraded the WiFi chipset technology in the Bluesound Players to the latest and greatest 802.11ac dual-band offering. With the new WiFi chip on-board, you can take advantage of the less noisy 5GHz band if needed. This results in faster connection times and fewer interruptions from other network traffic.

Bluetooth chip upgrade: all Players except the Flex will now have 2-Way Bluetooth, that means you can continue to transmit just like now to your Bluesound player. But it also means, you can use your BluesoundPlayer as the transmitter, and play via Bluetooth OUT to your wireless headphones

The Bluetooth upgrade doesn’t stop there, Bluesound has also upgraded the Bluetooth connection to aptXHD except the Pulse Flex.

Added Apple AirPlay 2:

AirPlay 2 adds a whole new dimension to the world of streaming possibilities in the Bluesound eco-system. With AirPlay 2, you can stream just about any sound from your iPhone or iPad to a Gen 2i Player. As long as you have at least one Gen 2i Player, any AirPlay-enabled iOS App is now a potential source for your Bluesound eco-system - Apple Music, Pandora, Audible, TIDAL, Spotify, just to name a few.

You can also play video on your Apple device while sending the audio through to a Gen 2i Player - imagine watching Netflix or You Tube on your tablet while filling the room with sound from your Bluesound system.

AirPlay 2 also gives users more options for control, including Siri. Once you give your Gen 2i Player a room name via the Home App, Apple Music subscribers can use their iOS device to say things like: "Hey Siri, play smooth jazz in the living room" or "Hey Siri, turn it up in the kitchen." Even on other AirPlay-compatible Apps like Spotify, once you get the music going via your iOS device, you can still use Siri for basic audio transport controls.

Older Bluesound Players will be compatible with AirPlay 2 by adding a Gen 2i Player to the ecosystem and grouping it with the older Player.

Additional Input on the PowerNode 2i: 

Bluesound has added a dual optical/analogue in-put on the back of the PowerNode 2i allowing more flexibility in plugging in your legacy sources ( CD players or turntables).

Improved sound on wireless speakers:

All-new, custom-designed digital amplifiers in the PULSE 2i and PULSE MINI 2i effectively double the available power used to drive these speakers. You will notice the difference. Improved bass response and more powerful sonic soundscapes are the new norm in Gen 2i.

New driver configurations in the PULSE 2i, PULSE MINI 2i, and PULSE FLEX 2i complement the upgraded amplification; the PULSE 2i and PULSE MINI 2i in particular now function as true stereo speakers.

The POWERNODE 2i now features two TOSLINK/3.5mm Optical and Analog inputs while the PULSE SOUNDBAR now includes HDMI (ARC & eARC). These provide improved connectivity and flexibility.

Available now on-line and in-store check out the line up HERE.

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