Tidal is Coming to Cambridge Audio

TIDAL will be available on Cambridge Audio  CXN and 851N music streamers  in early 2018, via a software update.

TIDAL is a subscription based streaming service that specialises in high fidelity audio. The platform boasts a catalogue of 50 million songs, and additionally offers users other premium content including HD videos, curated playlists and artist interviews.

TIDAL offers two subscription tiers:

  • Premium – which features an ad free experience and streaming at a bitrate of 320kbps
  • Hi-Fi – which features an ad free experience, uses FLAC and ALAC file types offering CD quality audio.


Unfortunately that may not be a big feature. Tidal may only have enough cash left to last six months.

Darren December 13, 2017

I think k I’m going g to wait t this…I’ll no doubt need assistance, not being very technologically capable! My machine is the CNX. Thanks!

Louis Durnbeck December 08, 2017

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