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PS Audio NuWave Phono Converter Pre-amp - Floor Model

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This unit is a floor model - Excellent Condition

PS Audio created this multi use phono preamplifier with a built in analogue to digital converter as well as a class A balanced analogue output. This gives you lots of options for play back as well as digitizing those rare tracks you only have on vinyl.

  • Full featured Analog to Digital Converter
  • High resolution balanced or single ended analog outputs for phono
  • High resolution asynchronous DSD and PCM outputs from A/D
  • 1 stereo analog input from any source such as a tuner
  • 1 stereo phono input
  • Accepts low output moving coil cartridges (0.5mv)
  • Moving magnet cartridges
  • Passive RIAA curve
  • Resistive cartridge load selector
  • Mono or stereo select
  • 100% pure analog path for the phono stage
  • Gain select from the front panel
  • Asynchronous digital output to 192kHz 24 bit
  • Asynchronous DSD output at 64X and 128X
  • Polarity invert function
  • XLR, RCA analog outputs
  • S/PDIF, I2S, USB digital outputs
  • 80kHz bandwidth on A/D Converter
  • A/D sample rate 352.8kHz
  • DoP protocols for DSD
  • Massive power supply
  • Front panel OLED display
  • RIP to either Mac or PC in DSD or PCM
  • Build a library of your vinyl, tape or from radio broadcasts
  • Record live events or even studio work without compromise
  • Play live into any DAC with DSD or PCM

Dimensions: 14” D x 8.3” W x 2.4” H

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