FIIO KA17 Portable DAC & Headphone Amplifier

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This versatile DAC and headphone amplifier is not only portable but also features desktop mode an external dedicated Type-C power port. When there is sufficient USB power, or the independent power port is connected to a power adapter, the Desktop Mode will be enabled, and it will automatically adjust the DAC, amp power, and headphone amplifier to a high-performance state, fully unleashing the potential and output power of the device.

  • Machine Mode 650mW 650mW Strong Thrust
  • Dual Channel Flagship DAC ES9069Q
  • Ten-segment high-precision PEQ adjustment
  • professional grade XMOS 16 core XU316
  • Four-way fully balanced THX AAA 78 amp
  • Multi-level HiFi audio architecture
  • Anti-crosstalk design of digital-analog split board
  • PCM: Supported up to 768kHz/32bit
  • DSD: Supported up to SD512 (Native), DOP256
  • Supported MQA full decoding

Warranty: 1 year parts and labour

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