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AudioSpace Reference 3.1 (KT88) Integrated Amplifier

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This Integrated amplifier is stunning to look at and more stunning to listen to.
  • Rugged stainless steel chassis
  • High quality EI transformers and components
  • Switching between ultra-linear and triode
  • Switching between high and low negative feedback
  • Tube moving magnet phono stage
  • Innovative tube circuitry with choke coil
  • Point to point soldering
  • Output Power 48Wx2 (UL) / 26Wx2 (TRIODE) Class A P-P
  • Input Impedance 100K Ω (LINE IN) / 47K Ω (MM PHONO IN)
  • Input Sensitivity 200mV (LINE IN) 3-5mV (MM PHONO IN)
  • S/N Ratio (LINE) >80dB (HUM NOISE <3mV) / (PHONO)>65dB
  • Vacuum Tubes KT-88×4, 6N8Px2 & 12AX7x4

Dimensions: 15.9" W x 18.7" D x 8.46" H 

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