AudioQuest SureGrip 100 Multi-Spade Connector - 8 Pack


Only 10 in stock!

8 pack of SureGrip 100 Multi-Spade connectors for speaker wire up to 9 AWG 
  • Beryllium-Copper is stronger, more conductive, and better sounding 
    than normal phosphor-bronze connectors.
  • Cold-Weld System for an ideal connection, better sounding than solder.
  • Fits up to 9 AWG speaker cables.
  • Includes (1) Allen Tool (Hex Wrench)


  • Direct-Gold Plating over Beryllium-Copper
  • Direct-Silver Plating looks dull because there is no distortion-causing shiny nickel layer underneath. It is optimized for sound.

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