Bluesound RT100 Wireless Sub Adaptor

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With the RT100 you can pair any subwoofer with the PULSE SOUNDBAR and allow the soundbar to focus on the mid and high-range dynamics of your favorite movie and music soundtracks. The RT100 uses point-to-point wireless technology to connect the PULSE SOUNDBAR to your existing subwoofer without the hassle of messy cabling. Plus, as a full-range device and both a transmitter and receiver, you can use two RT100s and wirelessly connect any Gen 2 Bluesound Player with an active subwoofer or speakers – no speaker wire needed.

  • Connect any subwoofer to the PULSE SOUNDBAR wirelessly
  • Easy, versatile option to add heart-pounding bass to any room without the hassle of messy cabling
  • Perfect solution for adding non-wireless subwoofers to your Bluesound setup
  • Connect one RT100 to any Gen 2 Bluesound Player, or an existing stereo system, and the second to your subwoofer to wirelessly add bass to any listening set-up
  • USB 2.0 USB Power Port required (not included)
  • Analog Input 1 x 3.5mm (Stereo, 3-Pole)
  • Analog output 1 x 3.5mm (Stereo, 3-Pole)
  • Transmission Range 10m (line of sight)


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