FIIO K7 DAC & Headphone Amplifier

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With a truly balanced design the K7 is capable of outputting 560mW into a 300Ω load at 1% distortion, and 2000mW into a 32Ω load at 1% distortion. Perfect for a wide variety of headphones. 

The K7 has a six-stage audio circuit with truly balanced analog and digital sections – which helps to reduce crosstalk and reproduce music to a great extent, allowing you to better enjoy the purity of your music.

  • Truly balanced DAC/Amp
  • THX AAA 788+ amp technology
  • Dual AK4493SEQ DACS
  • Multiple intelligent protection systems Two levels of hardware gain
  • Power supply with numerous independent LDOS RGB status indicators
  • 3 output modes
  • USB B input PCM 384kHz-32bit/DSD256
  • Digital coaxial input PCM 192kHz-24bit
  • Digital optical input PCM 96KHz-24bit
  • RCA analogue input
  • RCA analogue output 
  • Balanced headphone output Standard 4.4mm port
  • Regular headphone output 1/4" 

Warranty: 1 year parts and labour


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