ifi iPower2 power supply

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Use an iPower2 to replace your regular power supply for clean, noise pollution free power.

The new iPower2 boasts improved components and a thicker gauge of wiring to deliver improved output/input noise suppression.

Active Noise Cancellation II cancels out all incoming EMI and RFI noise - you’ll never feel powerless against noise and graininess again.

More than 10 times quieter than most audiophile power supplies.

Available in 5V, 9V, 12V or 15V. Each voltage is individually available for your particular region and includes a reverse polarity adapter for centre pin negative products.

iPower2 comes with a set of 5 five differently-sized adapters to suit some 73% of DC plugs including a reverse polarity (white plug) for professional audio products that require a centre negative feed.

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