MartinLogan BalancedForce 210 Subwoofer


BalancedForce 210 delievers powerful bass with electrostatic-like detail to any audio system, whether for high-end stereo music listening or multi-channel home theater. Its two-driver, force-canceling configuration virtually eliminates cabinet resonance and the resulting bass blur that plagues conventional subwoofers, while a sophisticated DSP-based amplifier ensure the purity and accuracy of the sound from the drivers.

Features & Specifications:

  • Frequency Response 20–120 Hz ±3dB; Anechoic through LFE effects input
  • Two 10" cast-basket, highexcursion, aluminum cone with extended throw driver assembly, sealed non-resonant asymmetrical chamber format
  • 1 x 850 watt amplifiers 
  • 30 - 80Hz low pass filter
  • Inputs RCA: Left, Right and LFE. XLR: Left, Right and LFE.
    Speaker Level: Left and Right banana jacks. 12V Trigger: 3.5mm Mini USB (for PBK) USB (for crossover & firmware updates)

Finishes Available: Black Ash, Dark Cherry, Gloss White, Gloss Black Cherry, Natural Cherry, Walnut

Dimensions: 19" W  x 19.1" D  x 19.4 " H

Weight: 96 lbs.


"I can’t claim that the MartinLogan BalancedForce 210s are the end-alls in low-end reproduction, or that they will fool you into thinking there is an actual standup or electric bass sitting in your living room. What I can say is that they have brought me much closer to the real thing and made me a believer in subwoofing. Now that the 210s are in my listening room, my music–and not just music where bass is prominent–has taken on a new life. They have made a far greater difference in my stereo than any other component I can remember in a very long time. If you have a large room or really feel the need to hear low bass, the BalancedForce 210s are essential tools to getting the most out of your music."

—Spencer Holbert, The Absolute Sound
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