Ortofon LH-8000 Turntable Headshell

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The LH-8000 is a high quality handmade wood-based headshell with a polished brass finger lift. The highly attractive LH-8000 is perfect for a variety of cartridges, e.g. MC Jubilee, MC Windfeld, MC Windfeld Ti, MC Anna, MC Anna Diamond, 2M Bronze and 2M Black.

  • Universal mount
  • Japanese oaktree with Urushi lacquer finish
  • Weight without screws - 8.5 grams
  • Mounting distance min. - 33.0 mm
  • Mounting distance max. - 42.2 mm
  • Headshell length - 50.3 mm
  • Headshell width -  18.8 mm

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