Paradigm In-Wall Subwoofer RVC-12SQ


  • $879.00

Price is for 1 speaker

A Subwoofer amplifier is required

Paired with a matching Paradigm X amp and enhanced by the critically acclaimed Paradigm Perfect Bass Kit™ digital room correction system (sold separately), RVC-12SQ delivers bass that will rock your world, not your walls.

Serious high-output subwoofers produce real energy. However, the majority of in-wall subwoofers out there don’t (read: CAN'T!) produce serious bass, so vibrational energy isn’t an issue. Not so with the RVC-12SQ in-wall subwoofer. It’s like a dog off the leash. Free from the constraints of conventional in-wall design, boasting dual state-of-the-art 14˝ drivers in a cutting-edge Vibration Canceling Design Architecture, it’s free to dig deeper for new levels of articulate, soul-stirring bass while chasing new heights in performance.

Features & specifications:

  • Vibration-canceling in-wall, two high-excursion drivers, die-cast chassis with MDF mounting frame
  • Two 14"x 4" mineral-filled co-polymer polypropylene cones
  • Overall 13.75" W x 17.75" H
  • Cut Out: 12.62" W x 16.43" H
  • Mounting Depth 3.5" 
Warranty: 5 years parts and labour

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