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Peachtree Audio preDAC & amp500 Bundle

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This pre-amp & power amp combo features the Peachtree Audio preDAC and the amp500 power amp. 

The Peachtree Audio preDAC is based on the legendary Nova 500 integrated amplifier platform. This allows you to use the Peachtree audio sound with your own amplifier or it pairs nicely with the Peachtree amp500.

  • Balanced preamplifier with built-in DAC.
  • ESS 9000-Series Reference 8- channel DAC with DSD and asynchronous USB
  • Balanced XLR outputs 
  • Fully differential (balanced) audio circuitry from the digital inputs to the output
  • Exclusive DyNEC iOS input for audio streaming from Apple Lightning devices
  • Asynchronous USB, (1) coaxial and (2) optical digital inputs for connection to virtually any source device
  • Phono (MM) input for direct connection of a turntable (can also double as a standard line-level input)
  • Home Theater Bypass for easy integration with a multi-channel system (also doubles as a standard line-level input) driving the front speakers for listening to stereo music
  • Volume Control Bypass feature for use with variable output source devices
  • Switchable loop feature for inserting an external EQ or other sound processor into the signal path
  • Discrete, high-output, custom-designed headphone amplifier
  • Extensive internal grounding
  • Made in North America

Dimensions: 14.02" W x 4.37" H x 14.25" D

The amp500: 

• 500 watts per channel
• Fully balanced topology
• Balanced and unbalanced inputs
• Discrete class-A buffer stage
• Extremely low noise
• Wide dynamic range

Finishes: Gloss Ebony Mocha or Piano Black

Warranty: 2 years parts and labour ( 3 years if registered online)

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