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PS Audio DirectStream Junior DAC, Pre-Amp & Streamer - Floor Model

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This unit is a floor model - Excellent Condition

Introducing DirectStream Junior (DSJ), a world class DAC based on the architecture of the Stereophile and Absolute Sound’s Product Of The Year, DirectStream.

Whatever the format, whatever the sample rate, DirectStream Junior (DSJ) provides a pure DSD based solution that fulfills the promise of high-resolution analog performance from digital audio. If you know the sound of music and instruments, are unwilling to compromise sound quality, and want to hear what’s been missing on your discs, then this DAC is right for you.

Features and Specifications: 

  • Pure 100% DSD-based D to A Converter
  • Fully upgradeable through software releases
  • Built in Bridge II Network streaming Audio input
  • Resolution perfect volume and balance controls built in
  • Upsamples PCM and DSD to 20x DSD rate
  • DXD support
  • Passively filtered high speed output stage
  • Improves imaging and soundstage
  • Simple, direct signal path with one master clock
  • Handwritten filters, processors and upsamplers
  • Immune to incoming jitter problems from different sources
  • Increased digital headroom
  • FPGA-based circuitry
  • Uncovers musical details masked by typical PCM based processors
  • 6 digital inputs I²S, Coax, XLR Balanced, TOSLINK, USB, Ethernet
  • MQA ready
  • Tidal ready
  • Spotify Connect
  • VTuner
  • Qobuz ready
  • Roon ready
  • Fully balanced from input to output
  • I²S,S/PDIF, and USB -- 44.1kHz to 352.8kHz 16bit, 24bit, DSD 64, DSD 128 TOSLINK – 44.1kHz to 96kHz 16bit, 24bit
  • Analogue audio outputs RCA/XLR Unbalanced /Balanced (X2)

Dimensions:  14” D  x 17” W x 2.75” H

Weight: 18 lbs

Warranty: 3 years parts and labour

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