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PS Audio PerfectWave AC5 Power Cable

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The PerfectWave AC5 is the best value power cable PS Audio has made in the last decade. The AC5 is a 10 gauge cable constructed with pure Linear Crystal Copper in multiple gauges and shapes.

Inside the AC5 is one LCC hollow conductor for the treble region, a large LCC rectangular conductor for the midrange and multiple gauges of LCC bundled together for the bass. Equipment powered with an AC5 enjoy a significant improvement in sound quality over any stock power cable.

  • Linear crystal copper construction
  • 10 gauge power cable
  • Dual shielded low noise
  • Hollow tube conductors for treble performance
  • Rectangular conductors for midrange performance
  • Multiple gauge conductors for bass performance
  • Nickel plated connectors
  • Welded connector to conductor
  • Quiet for digital
  • Unrestricted for analog

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