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PS Audio Stellar M1200 Monoblock Amplifiers - Pair

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These monoblock amplifiers from PS Audio combine a warm tube sound with 1200 watts of power. Easily enough to drive some of the most demanding speaker loads. 

  • Mono power amplifier pair
  • Zero-loss Vacuum tube input stage
  • Powerful MOSFET balanced output stage
  • RCA Single ended input
  • XLR “true” balanced input
  • 600 watts into 8Ω
  • 1200 watts rms into 4Ω
  • 2Ω stable
  • Damping factor >1100 for excellent loudspeaker control
  • Efficient operation with very little heat
  • ICE Edge technology
  • Front panel standby button
  • Efficient operation with very little heat
  • Dual, solid copper, plated, output binding posts
  • 27 pounds each
  • Input 12 volt trigger


Dimensions: 17”W x 3.75”H x 12”D ea

Weight: 27 lbs ea

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