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PS Audio StellarGold Preamplifier

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A perfect match to the StellarGold DAC, meet the StellarGold Pre-Amp.

When you add the StellarGold Preamplifier into your audio chain—bridging devices like DACs, phono preamps, tuners, or other auxiliaries with your amplifier—a magical sonic revelation unfolds: more realism, life, and space around each performer. It's time to take control of your system and add that missing element, a great preamplifier. StellarGold.

  • Class A pure analog amplification
  • JFET and BJT discrete architecture
  • Fully balanced from input to output
  • Purist audio components throughout
  • Low global feedback
  • 4x RCA single ended inputs
  • 4 XLR balanced inputs
  • 2 XLR balanced outputs per channel
  • 2 RCA single ended outputs per channel
  • High slew rate amplification stage
  • Near perfect transient response
  • Extreme frequency limits from near DC to 200kHz
  • Darren Myers design
  • Oversized power supply
  • Multiple stage regulation
  • Volume and balance by precision stepped attenuation
  • 2x output triggers

Dimensions: 17"W x 3.3"H x 13"D

Weight:27.6 lbs

Warranty: 3 Years Parts and Labour

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