QED Performance 1/4" Headphone Extension Cable


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This is a great solution to extend your headphones connection when a 1/4" (6.35 mm) option is required. 

This is ideal for users who have high quality headphones and want to maintain a high audio standard over long distances. Oxygen free conductors and cross talk minimizing geometry make this cable an ideal upgrade in all personal audio applications.

  • 99.999% OFC conductors These provide a low resistance audio path
  • Crosstalk minimizing geometry The signal return path is optimized to reduce cross-talk between audio channels
  • Gold plated close tolerance 6.35 mm connectors. Features a 6.35 mm stereo connector at both ends
  • Ergonomic soft PVC graphite jacket Specially formulated PVC jacket material maintains the look and flexibility you expect from a quality headphone cable.
  • Ideal upgrade in all personal audio applications
  • Maintain a high audio standard over long distances.
  • QED Lifetime Guarantee

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