REL HT/1205 Subwoofer

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Serie HT is designed specifically to answer the challenge of creating affordably priced, exceptionally dynamic, pure home theater powered subwoofers with the ideal combination of a lightweight, modern CarbonGlas™ drivers coupled to a powerful Class D amplifier that runs cool, producing extraordinary dynamics. Internally, REL has developed specially adapted home theater input filters that produce extremely flat bass down in the 20Hz range.

HT/1205 home theater subwoofer delivers a brand new 500W Class D power amplifier design, coupled to a 12” (300mm) long travel driver to deliver extremely high output in an attractive design. HT is a powerhouse for dedicated high powered home theater applications, that will also transform the gaming experience and partners nicely with active wireless speakers.

Features and Specifications:

  • 12 in., 300mm long-throw, CarbonGlas™ cone structure, inverted carbon fibre dust cap, steel chassis
  • Dual purpose Low Level stereo RCA or LFE RCA
  • Daisy Chain Low Level stereo RCA or LFE RCA
  • POWER OUTPUT 500 watts (RMS)
  • AMPLIFIER TYPE NextGen5 Class D
  • WIRELESS CAPABILITY HT Air Wireless (Optional), Zero Compression Single Large Scale Integrated Chip

Dimensions:  15" W x 16" H x 15.7" D

Weight: 38 lbs

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