Monitor Audio & Rotel 2.1 Stereo System

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Check out this great 2.1 system we have put together, this is available for a limited time only. 

This excellent system includes the following. 

The Power: 

1 Rotel A12 integrated amplifier:

Meet the Rotel A12 a slim feature rich integrated amplifier. With aptx Bluetooth and a MM phono pre amplifier.

  • 60 watts x 2 all channels driven at 8 ohms
  • Class AB amplifier
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD) (20Hz–20kHz) <0.03%
  • 4 X RCA analog inputs
  • 1 x RCA analogue pre-out
  • Front panel USB for Apple iOS devices
  • Wolfson premium 24-bit/192kHz Digital to Analog Converter
  • USB Audio Class 2.0 (up to 192kHz 24bit)* *Driver installation required
  • 2 x digital inputs coaxial or Toslink
  • Bluetooth with aptX and AAC
  • Moving magnet phono input for turntable connection
  • Includes remote control

    The Speakers:

    1 Pair of Monitor Audio Bronze 5 Tower Speakers

    The Bronze 5 floor standing speakers deliver excellent sound for movies and music while maintaining a small foot print.

    Its 5 1/2” C-CAM® bass driver and 5 1/2” C-CAM® bass/mid driver are arranged in a two and half way system configuration, operating in separate acoustic chambers with front and rear firing HiVe ports to provide differential tuning for higher efficiency and greater low frequency extension.

    The Bass:

    1 Monitor Audio Bronze W10 Subwoofer

    A down-firing 10” ABR (Auxiliary Bass Radiator) ensures that with the same compact footprint as its predecessor, the W10 delivers an incredible 6dB greater SPL at 40Hz. Choose how you enjoy the W10’s prodigious bass energy with pre-set EQ settings for music, movie or impact.

    The Hookup:

    To hook everything up in this system we are including the following cables. 

    • 1 Pair of 6ft AudioQuest Rocket 11 speaker cables terminated with Silver SureGrip 100 banana connectors to hook up the speakers.
    • 1 set of 6ft AudioQuest Tower RCA cables to connect the subwoofer to the amplifier 

    System Summary: 

    • 1 x Rotel A12 integrated amplifier
    • 1 x Pair of Monitor Audio Bronze 5 tower speakers 
    • 1 x Monitor Audio Bronze W10 subwoofer
    • 1 x 6ft set of AudioQuest rocket 11 speaker cables
    • 1 x 6ft AudioQuest Tower RCA cables

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