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Salamander Designs Lighting Kit

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Create just the right ambiance to complete the home entertainment experience. This unique, expandable, modular lighting system is perfect for backlighting TVs, or for highlighting in-cabinet and under-cabinet spaces.

Model: SD/LS2/W

  • Includes 2 - 15’’(380mm) light bars Expandable to 6 Light Bars
  • Infrared remote control
  • Adjustable Color Temperature: Cool White to Warm White (6500K - 3000K)
  • Full dimming and brightness control
  • Breath and Sleep modes
  • Up to 3 memory settings
  • Interchangeable international plug heads; A, C G, I
  • Power Supply: Input 110/240V, Output: DC12V
  • Optional expansion LED light bars are available in lengths of 15’’ (380mm) or 24” (610mm)

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