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Salamander Designs SLC20 Synergy Triple 20 AV Stand - Walnut

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Synergy is all about configuration. It is a fully modular furniture system that takes the concept of customization to a whole new level. Synergy allows you to define a highly personalized piece of furniture that can handle any combination of electronic gear you come up with.

Features and Specifications: 

  • Combine Extension and Core Module by firmly joining their corner posts with strong, threaded, internal connectors
  • The multiple-purpose twin-width shelf allows plenty of space for center channel speakers
  • Many accessories are available, allowing for great design flexibility

Dimensions:  65.75" W x 21" H x 19.75" D

A-Storage Compartment: 19.75"W x 18"D x 8.5"H

G-Storage Compartment: 41"W x 18"D x 8.5"H

H-Storage Compartment: 62.25"W x 17.5"D x 7.5"H

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