Sanus WSTV1 Swivel TV Base

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This is a perfect solution to properly position your TV when when placing it on a cabinet and using a soundbar. 

The Swiveling TV Base is a table-top TV base that recreates the sleek look and feel of a mounted TV. Designed to be compatible with the Sonos® PLAYBASE™ home theater speaker, the Swiveling TV Base creates space to fit a PLAYBASE or PLAYBAR below your TV by providing up to 8 inches of height adjustment.

The Swiveling TV Base works on all surfaces and is a substantial improvement over the stands that are traditionally included with TVs. By providing 40 degrees of swivel left to right, the Swiveling TV Base dramatically improves viewing angles allowing you to point the TV to where you are seated. The modern, matte finish complements the look of today’s flat-panel TVs, and the included cable management system conceals unsightly power and HDMI cables. When used with the PLAYBASE or other soundbar solution, the Swiveling TV Base essentially disappears, and the TV appears to hover over the speaker allowing the TV and speaker to take center stage.

Features & specifications:

  • Weight capacity 60 lbs
  • Mounting dimensions 100 X 100 - 600 X 400
  • Swivel 20° / -20°
  • Height adjustments

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