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Yamaha, Pro-ject & Monitor Audio Vinyl HiFi System


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This is a great starter hifi system with future expandability options. 

This system contains the following: 

  • 1 x Yamaha A-S301 Integrated amplifier 
  • 1 x Pro-Ject T1 turntable in your choice of 3 finishes
  • 1 x Pair of Monitor Audio Bronze 50 Bookshelf speakers
  • 1 x 6ft set of speaker cables

More about this system: 

The Amplifier 

Designed for excellent sound quality, with a beautiful appearance. An integrated amplifier with the advantage of digital input.

Features and specifications:

  • 65W x 65W @ 8ohms 0.019% THD
  • ToP-ART (Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology) and high quality parts
  • I/O (input to output) Direct Symmetrical Design
  • ART (Anti-Resolution and Tough) Base
  • Custom-made power transformer / 6,800uF block capacitors / Aluminum-extruded heat sinks
  • 95W x 2 (max), 60W x 2 (RMS) high power output
  • Pure Direct Mode for Greater Sound Purity
  • Continuous Variable Loudness Control
  • Digital audio inputs for TV or Blu-ray Player
  • Phono input 
  • Connection for YBA-11 Bluetooth Wireless Adapter
  • Simple yet sophisticated design (aluminium front panel and knobs)
  • Auto Power Standby

Dimensions: 17.12” W x 6” H x 15.25” D

Weight: 19.8lbs.

The speakers: 

The Monitor Audio Bronze 50 are compact stylish bookshelf speakers with rich detailed mid to high frequencies. Perfect in a smaller hifi set up or as surrounds in a home theatre system. 

  • 2 way design
  • Frequency Response 62 – 25,000 Hz (Free field) 40 – 30,000 Hz (In room)
  • Sensitivity (2.83v @ 1m) 85 dB
  • Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
  • Minimum Impedance 4.4 ohms
  • Recommended Amplifier Requirements 20 — 80 W
  • 1 x 5.5" C-CAM midbass driver
  • 1 x 25 mm C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter with UD Waveguide

Finishes: Black, White, Walnut or Urban Grey

Dimensions: 11.06" H x 6.56" W x 10.43" D

Weight: 11 lbs ea

The turntable: 

The Pro-ject T1 is an extremely well built turntable that hits way above its price tag. 

The stylish CNC-machined wooden plinth features no plastic parts and is carefully manufactured to ensure there are no hollow spaces inside, therefore avoiding unwanted vibrations within the chassis. Carrying this philosophy through the design, the glass platter is also a heavy, zero-resonance design – again avoiding the flaws of plastic or lightweight steel alternatives.  

Features and specifications:

  • 8.6” aluminum tonearm  
  • 33, 45 (manual speed change)
  • belt drive
  • 8mm glass platter with felt mat
  • Complete with Ortofon OM 5e cartridge
  • Dust cover
Dimensions: 16.34" W x 3.93" H x 13.9" D
Weight: 8.4 lbs

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