Welcome to Bluesound

We are pleased to announce we are now a Bluesound dealer.

Bluesound is the audiophile grade multi-room audio and music streaming system.

Play your music collection or take advantage of several music services including Tidal with MQA files.  This system is perfect for someone wanting better quality audio than offered on the more traditional multiroom audio systems. 

Have a collection of CDs you don't want to give up? One of the pieces in this line up is the Bluesound Vault 2, a music streamer with a built in CD ripper and a 2 TB hard drive.  So you can rip and store those CDs and play them throughout the house. 

Other notable models include the Node2 a great sounding music streamer you plug into your existing HiFi set up.  The PowerNode 2 is a streamer and amplifier in one allowing you to hook it up direct to your favourite pair of speakers.

Bluesound also makes a series of wireless speakers, a subwoofer and even a sound bar.

We have been testing the system in our showroom for the past month and are very impressed, the sound quality is excellent, it is easy to use and set up. 

A warm welcome to Bluesound, available now in our showroom or on-line. 

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